Kaiwaka Springs New Zealand mineral water is extracted directly from a pristine aquifer in “Kaiwaka”, deep beneath the untouched Mt Pukekaroro Reserve ┬áin the far North of New Zealand. The surrounding countryside is covered by virgin forest, ensuring a 100% pure and natural environment.

The water originates in Antarctica, it is swept off untouched ice plains by powerful polar winds and passes over the Southern Ocean to New Zealand.

It falls as rain over the high ground of the Northland province, and flows through mineral rich channels into underground streams. This process is what makes Kaiwaka Springs New Zealand mineral water unique and so beneficial, essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium are all present in the water.


mg/L Silica content in our water

Kaiwaka Springs water contains approximately 57 mg/l of Silica, sufficient for the bodies daily needs with 750mls water. Scroll down to read more about Silica.

Typical Analysis

Silica 57
Calcium 6.8
Magnesium 2.4
Potassium 3.1
pH 6.9

The physical structure of Kaiwaka Springs water is very unique, the shapes below are the form Kaiwaka Springs water takes when frozen. When compared to manufactured or many tap waters this structure is completely unique and clearly shows the natural difference. We believe this structure is what makes our water so good!