Kaiwaka Springs has supplied its water for export in a bulk flexitank to Japan. Through this experience we have an intimate understanding of the technical, logistical and financial aspects of shipping water in bulk for the purpose of bottling in offshore markets.

Quality mineral water is in high demand, and it notably improves the taste, appeal and marketability of a range of products that require water. By shipping in bulk the cost of imported mineral water can be reduced, providing more competitive margins for producers and distributors.

The composition of tea, spirits and other beverages all rely on water as a base ingredient. Kaiwaka Springs has validated the significant difference our water makes with leading bourbon, tea and sports drink manufacturers. Of note is the award winning ‘Matakana Moonshine’ range of spirits using Kaiwaka Springs water which won bronze & silver at the 2013 world spirits competition held in San Francisco.

For regions where drinking water is becoming an issue, the import of bulk mineral water is an attractive alternative to desalinization or other forms of purification.

A bulk water venture is a significant undertaking which needs specialized infrastructure and major financing. We strongly recommend a thorough appraisal of associated costs, regulatory limitations and required marketing of the final product before pursuing a project of this nature.