The extraction and bottling of natural mineral water is a complex process. Because mineral water is a naturally occurring source, constant monitoring and purification is required for every drop that we bottle. Kaiwaka Springs quality control procedures are controlled to Japan, New Zealand and international health standards.

The water is extracted directly from the underground aquifers before it reaches daylight. The pipes and system have been installed in such a way that the environment is not affected. furthermore, the extraction process is approved and monitored by local government authorities.

Once the water reaches the plant it goes through a purification process to ensure that it is 100% safe to drink, while still preserving the mineral content and original taste of the water. Surprisingly the process of bottling mineral water is more complex than almost every other bottled beverage!!

The process in general is described below. For new importers Kaiwaka Springs provides a complete process description (written and visual) and all documentation required by authorities.

Spring Water Collection & Treatment

Source Springwater is collected directly from the springhead & piped via alkythene pipe for a distance of 75 metres to the bottling facility.

Pre treatment

Source Springwater is pre treated using a series of filters which remove any heavy solids. Pre treated water is stored in 2 x 20,000 litre holding tanks.

Water Treatment – Sterilisation

Pre treated Source springwater captured in holding tanks is sterilised using a combination of ozonation and UV treatment.

Water Treatment – Filtration

Filtration is via a four stage filtering process

  • 5 micron filter set
  • 1 micron filter set
  • 0.22 micron filter set

Processed springwater is then further filtered to .22 micron before stainless steel holding tanks are full in preparation for bottling.

Sterile Area

Hermetically sealed room containing rinsing, filling & capping equipment, these functions are conducted an a totally sterile environment.